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Planning an upcoming trip? Whether it’s for the whole family, a romantic getaway, or with a group of friends, you can find the travel trailer rental, pop up camper rental, or motorhome rental to meet your needs on RVmenu. With so many owners taking part in the RVshare experience, you have plenty of recreational vehicles to choose from.

To get started, all you have to do is plug in the location you plan to pick up and return the RV, the pickup and drop off dates, the RV type you are interested in, and the number of people that will be traveling in the vehicle. It’s that simple! Then, you will be directed to our database of RVs where you can select the camper rental you are interested in and be put in touch with the owners to move forward with the rental process.

You’ll be able to compare rates, amenities, and more to find a camper that’s the perfect fit. Whether you need pet friendly accommodations, wheelchair access, or extra sleeping space, we will match you up with a vehicle that is in line with your travel needs.

On a budget? No worries! You’ll be able to find everything from luxurious Class A motorhomes to cheap RV rentals in our extensive database. When you rent a fifth wheel camper, Class A, B, or C motorhome, or any other kind of RV with RVmenu, we make it our mission to ensure you enjoy your travels as much as possible!


RV Owners: How to Rent your RV

RV Owners:
How to Rent your RV

If you are a motorhome owner and ready to rent your RV to other travelers, RVmenu is a great place to start. Not only will your RV get use to avoid deteriorating in your driveway or storage unit, but you can actually earn a profit on your vehicle.

When you list your rental model it will be assigned an entire web page, including:

  • Photos to showcase your RV
  • A floor plan
  • A description highlighting the features of your vehicle
  • Included or optional add-on amenities
  • Rental rates

If any of this information ever changes, you can easily make updates in the Owners section of the website. Listing your RV with RVmenu gives you access to our online traffic (100,000+ visitors each year), plus a low cost yet effective method to generate rental leads. RVmenu is a streamlined and convenient-to-use website that connects rental customers with an RV rental.