Find out how much can you make by

Renting your RV

RVmenu offers private RV and camper owners an opportunity to list their RV for rent on leading private owner websites. You can effectively let your RV work for you by renting it out to interested campers. You will have full control over who, when and where your RV goes, meaning you don't have to rent it out full time. You can book your RV whenever it's convenient for you.

Turn that liability in your driveway into an asset. RVmenu helps you earn additional streams of revenue by setting up an listing for your RV free of charge. After sign up, you'll be setup with your own personal dashboard to communicate with renters and set your RV's pricing.

Your RV is covered with our listing partners. RVmenu's listing partners have teamed up with reputable insurance companies to insure your RV in case of an accident or damage occuring during a rental period. Rest easy knowing that your RV, travel trailer or pop up is fully insured.

After filling out the form below, an onboarding agent will reach out to your via phone or email to give you an estimate on how much you could make per night, per week or per month renting out your RV.