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Campervan and RV Rentals near Opp, AL

RV Rentals in Opp, Alabama

If you’re visiting Covington County, Alabama, it’d be worth your while to consider an RV rental near me in Opp, Alabama. Renting an RV in this small town really can help you get to know the locals, and it will make it a fairly cheap experience since you won’t have to rent a car or a hotel room. Also, the town has a lot to see when you decide on RV rentals in Opp, AL, and you can travel to Blackwater River State Forest or have a fishing trip in Frank Jackson State Park.

Opp, AL, RV Rental Prices

Before you decide to rent an RV in Opp, AL, it’s important to understand the pricing of an RV rental in the area. RV types can vary greatly, so prices can vary by a lot, but if you understand the living space and the type of RV, you can usually find a rental to be pretty cheap in this area. Let’s take a look at what you can expect:

• Smaller Options — If you’re planning on traveling with only a few fellow travelers, then consider a teardrop, Class B motor home, or a pop-up camper rental in Opp, AL. These RV choices will easily sleep between two to six people comfortably, and you can expect to spend anywhere from $75 to $200 per night. 

• Mid-size Options — When you have a slightly larger party of six to 10 travelers, then a Class C motor home, a fifth-wheel hitch, or a travel-trailer rental in Opp, AL, is your best option. These types of RVs are pretty spacious, and you’ll probably be spending from $100 to $250 a night, which is very economical considering that that’s a low amount of money on a per person basis.

• Larger Options — If you need to accommodate a lot of people or you simply want a more luxurious experience, then you may want to go with a larger fifth wheel or a Class A motor home rental in Opp, AL. These are admittedly a bit pricier, but some people consider them well worth it due to the additional room that these RVs provide. You typically can expect to be spending more than $150 a day for these in the Opp area.

Cheap RV Rentals in Opp, AL

When you’re trying to find a camper rental near me in Opp, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money if you’re on a budget. Fortunately, there are a few “hacks” that can help you save some cash when you rent RVs in Opp, AL. One thing that you should always remember is that it pays to reserve early; in fact, most rental agencies grant early bird discounts so that you can spend less on your RV on a per day basis.

Also, you can save on a campervan rental in Opp, AL, or any other kind of rental, by agreeing to transport an RV to or from the Opp area. Many RV dealers need to move their inventory, which is something that you can take advantage of. Simply find a dealer that is looking to send an RV to Opp, and you’ll most likely be able to seize a chance to get a significant discount for doing the dealership a solid.

Luxury RV Rental Opp, AL

Do you love to travel in style? If you do, then consider a luxury rental rather than a “roughing it” type of RV rental. For the most part, this means that you’ll be renting a Class A motor home, but there are also very luxurious Class C and Airstream rentals in Opp, AL, as well.

In any case, a good luxury rental means that your RV will have features like a plush carpet, expandable living spaces, larger beds, and even multiple bathrooms. As a matter of fact, luxury RVers enjoy what’s called glamping, or glamour camping, often liken the experience to staying at an expensive hotel with the convenience of being in the location you want.

RV Rental by Owner in Opp, AL

Do you enjoy a more personal experience than is available when you rent from an RV rental agency? If so, then you should consider renting from a private RV owner. When you rent through an RV owner, you’ll often find the experience to be much more pleasant because not only will you have to fill out less paperwork, but you’ll get to know a fellow RVer, and you may even like the furnishings better. 

These types of rentals will be travel trailers, fifth wheelers, campervans, and motorhomes, so expect to find a Class A, Class C, or Class B RV rental in Opp, AL when you rent from a private owner.

RV Campgrounds and Parks in Opp, AL

So you’ve found your ideal RV rental in Opp, AL, but you’re not so sure where to go. Well, fortunately, there are definitely a few options in the Opp area when you’re trying to find a good RV campground or park.

• Lakeview Village Park — One of the best features of Lakeview Village is its country setting, and there’s a lake at the center of the park that you can fish in if you’re so inclined. Full hookups are available at this site, and they also specialize in hosting lots for permanent residents as well. 

• Frank Jackson State Park — Another lakeside RV site, Frank Jackson State Park has several lakeside camping options for RVers that are visiting the area. The site even offers cable TV hookups, and there are also plenty of outdoors activities as well like fishing and hiking. There's even a boardwalk.

RVs for Sale in Opp, AL

Renting an RV is a very cost-effective way to travel, but actually owning an RV can really be a great way to save money as well. Fortunately, there are options in the Opp area. The aforementioned Lakeview Village Park actually has lease-to-own options for mobile homes, and there are a few dealerships in the area that will sell you new or used units.

Overall, Opp, Alabama is an excellent place to RV, especially if you love country settings. Take some time off. Rent an RV and get to know the town.

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