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1,624 RVs are available for rent in 18 cities across Arizona

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Gulf Stream Sun Voyager 2003 USD $235.00/day
Jayco 1008 2007 USD $80.00/day
RPod rp-172 2015 USD $150.00/day
Monaco Camelot 2004 USD $239.00/day
Forest River Sandpiper 2005 USD $120.00/day
Sandstorm 28SLR 2012 USD $159.00/day
Tango 2016 USD $70.00/day
Passport 2014 USD $95.00/day
Fleetwood Providence 2006 USD $279.00/day
Starcraft extreme 2015 USD $225.00/day
Jayco Eagle 1997 USD $80.00/day
Coachmen Viking 2015 USD $175.00/day
Coachmen Mirada 35BH 2015 USD $198.00/day
Minnie Winnie 2000 USD $150.00/day
Newmar Mountain Aire 1999 USD $260.00/day
Lance 1685 2014 USD $120.00/day
Starcraft Autumn Ridge 2014 USD $175.00/day
Forest River WIldwood X-lite 2015 USD $90.00/day
keystone cougar 293SAB 2011 USD $130.00/day
3977 diesel Damon Escaper with Spartan chassis 2002 USD $269.00/day
Nomad 2001 USD $85.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Arizona

RV Rental Arizona

If you are taking a vacation with the family or just seeking scenic beauty, you can do no better than to RV in the state of Arizona. There are so many places to visit, things to do, and points of interest that the use of an RV in the state is an ideal method of travel. To rent an RV is to use your travel funds wisely.

RV Rental Prices Arizona

RV rental rates fluctuate in Arizona with the seasons. During high-volume travel seasons, the cost of renting an RV will escalate due to demand. Prices also move higher the more the RV can accommodate.

To rent an RV in Arizona, you only need a valid ID, a deposit, and a driver’s license. Most people who rent an RV in Arizona do so to see the incredible number of sites without having to spend on hotels.

One of the most famous attractions is the Grand Canyon. There is a huge amount of tourist activity here, especially at the South Rim during the summer, which drives up the cost of accommodations and food. To combat that escalation of cost, simply rent an RV for the day, week, or even the month.

The price of RV rentals in Arizona is considerably less than the cost of hotel rooms and food at many of the most attractive tourist locations. With an RV, you already have your accommodations, and you will carry your food with you. RV parks are still available at the Grand Canyon should you need one, though.

The Mather Campground and RV Park is close to Grand Canyon Village and is the biggest campground, with 317 campsites. Conveniently located near the central business district, this RV park is within a short distance of the Rim Trail. Visually and environmentally inspiring, the RV park, set amidst pinon pine trees with secluded camping spots, limits RVs to a maximum length of 30 feet.

For larger RVs, the Trailer Village RV Park and Camping Ground is not far off, has virtually the same amenities, and will accommodate vehicles up to 50 feet in length.

The normal per-day cost of renting an RV in Arizona will run anywhere between $35 to $400. An RV rental in Arizona with unlimited miles may alter the cost.

Cheap RV Rentals in Arizona

As an option, there are cheap RV rentals available in Arizona. Though the luxury of a fully extended Fleetwood RV is appealing, there is the pocketbook to consider. Remember, to rent an RV in Arizona costs much less than the accumulated price of accommodations at hotels and food from restaurants.

With that in mind, consider your budget, and then start looking for an RV unit appropriate for you. You may want to consider the cheaper route with campervan rentals in Arizona or a pop-up camper rental in Arizona. RVs of every type, shape, length, and capacity are available to rent.

If you want to find a camper rental in Arizona, a travel trailer rental in Arizona, or an Airstream rental in Arizona, simply consider your initial destination and ask: where can I find a camper rental near me? A quick search online for the cheaper RV rentals in Arizona or Class B RV rentals in Arizona will bring you a quick answer.

Luxury RV Rental Arizona

Let’s say you want the best of the best in RV rentals in Arizona. You want to travel the whole state and see sites as diverse and widespread as the Sonoran Desert, the Walnut Canyon National Monument, the Wupatki National Monument, and the Superstition Mountains. You also enjoy the arts, and you want to visit the Gaslight Theater, the Orpheum Theater, and the Hale Center Theater.

In this case, you will be spending some time driving through the glorious reaches of the state, and a luxury RV would be best for you. RV dealership brands are located in multiple cities in Arizona. The visitor driving a luxury RV in Arizona never needs to ask: where is an RV rental near me?

Arizona RV Rental by Owner

For the enterprising visitor seeking the best deal possible for a motor home rental in Arizona, the trail does not end with RV dealerships. Many citizens of Arizona own RVs that they are willing to rent, so the visitor who plans ahead and starts early can often find the best deals by searching community ads featuring RV owners in Arizona who may wish to rent out their RVs to responsible clients. Though a time-consuming process, the visitor may find just the right RV rental at a lower price.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Arizona

Aside from RV campgrounds at sites like the Grand Canyon, there are numerous RV parks elsewhere in Arizona. Many of these parks or campgrounds can be found in cities throughout the Phoenix area, such as Mesa, Tempe, and Surprise. The number of RV parks available any time of the year speaks volumes about the tourist opportunities here.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Arizona

RV rental in Arizona is not the only option for visitors. There are those who opt to own RVs. Forget the hotel rooms and the expensive restaurants; live in your own home, take it with you from place to place, and cook your own meals.

The option of owning an RV is an ideal one for snowbirds from colder climates. Imagine spending the entire winter in your very own RV in sunny and warm Arizona.

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