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Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Georgetown 327 2011 USD $289.00/day
Rockwood Roo 183 2010 USD $169.00/day
North trail 2013 USD $249.00/day
Keystone Outback 2013 USD $249.00/day
Rockwood Ultra Lite 8285 IKWS 2015 USD $150.00/day
Newmar Ameristar 30BKCL 2004 USD $120.00/day
Itasca sundancer 1996 USD $185.00/day
Coachmen Sportscoach mrb380 1999 USD $300.00/day
Thor Motor Coach Chateau 31A Ford 2014 USD $135.00/day
Heartland North Trail 2009 USD $89.00/day
Bullet Premier 2013 USD $145.00/day
Forest River Luxury Lite 326RTS 2015 USD $155.00/day
Winnebago Travato 2016 USD $260.00/day
Forest river X lite 2015 USD $150.00/day
Dutchmen Mk233 2005 USD $180.00/day
Dutchman Express 2006 USD $160.00/day
Avion Savanna 2000 USD $120.00/day
Nash 2003 USD $85.00/day
Jayco flight 2007 USD $150.00/day
R-Vision 2001 USD $150.00/day
Heartland Landmark SAN Antonio 2012 USD $175.00/day
Heartland RVs Prowler 27P BHS 2014 USD $125.00/day
Forest River FR3 30DS 2014 USD $350.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Arkansas

RV Rental Arkansas

RV Rental Prices Arkansas

From the Ozark Mountain range and its surrounding forests to Mammoth Spring, there is a lot to see when you rent an RV in Arkansas. RV rentals in Arkansas are reasonably priced with rates starting at $30/night up to $100 per night. Whether you want a camper rental in Arkansas or a motor home rental in Arkansas, prices are reasonable, and your choices of location are nearly endless.

Some RV rentals come with certain deals like unlimited miles, weekly and monthly rates, or roadside assistance and replacement programs. Prices are naturally higher for longer or higher-end RVs. Even so, they can still be an affordable alternative to staying in hotels of the same quality level.

Cheap RV Rentals in Arkansas

To save additional money on RV rental, consider renting from an area with low demand or during a low season. An RV with a heater can make winter camping a treat, and it is a great time to find the prettiest campsites open when you drop in without a reservation.

Luxury RV Rental Arkansas

Class B RV rental in Arkansas allows you to maintain a love of luxury while visiting exciting locations like the Fort Smith National Historic Site. Many campers love the drive, too, and will look for RV rental near me or camper rental near me sites to make the road trip in style.

Some of the features that come with newer luxury RV rental vehicles include personal hot spots, high-end sound systems, and USB wiring for devices. Full kitchens with luxury appliances, memory foam mattresses, granite countertops, and hardwood flooring make the inside as beautiful as a new or remodeled home.

The summers in Arkansas are difficult to bear when the heat and the humidity are at their worst, but luxury RVs allow you the comfort of air conditioning during hot, buggy nights. They may also come with a pull-down screen porch that lets you enjoy a beautiful evening without the mosquitoes enjoying too much of you. This is a great way to be close to the natural wonders that you love without worrying about the discomforts that may deter some of your family members from joining you on a fun vacation adventure.

Arkansas RV Rental by Owner

To rent an RV in Arkansas, you can choose between a dealer rental and an owner rental. Peer to peer programs let owners recoup some cost through travel trailer rental in Arkansas and campervan rental in Arkansas. While dealers may offer incentives like an RV rental in Arkansas with unlimited miles, the details of person-to-person rentals can vary.

Some RV dealerships will advertise your RV for rent, but this is rare. Instead, social media sites that specialize in RV sharing are the most common way to find a good deal on a rental by owner. This can be one of the most successful ways to find an RV in a remote area that is away from a city.

Individual RV rentals have a lot of advantages like price, timing flexibility, and allowances for things like pets that might be banned by larger RV rental companies. However, they are a "buyer beware" situation, and you don't necessarily have the guarantee that the vehicle has been well-maintained.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Arkansas

According to the Arkansas tourism bureau, there are 52 state parks in Arkansas, seven National Park properties, and almost 3 million acres of National Forest lands. Over 200 camping sites in the state serve these beautiful, wild lands, many of which offer RV hookup facilities. Scenic vistas and rare wildlife like the recently rediscovered ivory-billed woodpecker are just some of the draws of this state.

Explore the Buffalo National River area or try and find diamonds in the Crater of Diamonds State Park. If you're feeling adventurous, dive off of the cliffs at Greers Ferry Lake.

The amenities in the local RV parks can vary widely. Some offer an inexpensive alternative to urban locales while others offer high-end camping opportunities with lots of hookup options. Some will come with cable or satellite, Wi-Fi, swimming pools, and access to group meals or activities.

The KOA has a big presence here in locations like Eureka Springs and Hot Springs National Park. Try a themed RV park like Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River park with your Airstream rental in Arkansas or your pop-up camper rental in Arkansas.

During the high vacation season from spring to fall, reservations may be needed near some of the more popular parks. It's always good to call ahead even if you're being spontaneous and just calling from the road. Anyone who has been a long-time RV camper knows that all sites are not created equal.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Arkansas

Because this is a state that culturally values camping, RVs can be found in plentiful supply throughout the state of Arkansas. At many dealerships, you can rent, buy, and sell RVs.

Many of the most concentrated areas of RV sales are in large cities like Little Rock, Fort Smith, and Fayetteville. You can also find RV sales near some of the more popular park areas. This is especially true when it comes to finding used RVs.

Ownership of an RV offers the opportunity to put your own fun vehicle up for rent on the weekends when you can't get away for your own camping trip. This can help you afford a more luxurious model and get the best of RV ownership at a lower overall cost.

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