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42 RVs are available for rent in 0 cities across Hawaii

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Nissan Frontier 4x4 + rack tent and gear 2005 USD $150.00/day
Aloha Ranger` Oahu Honolulu Westfalia Van 1987 USD $100.00/day
Volkswagen Vanagon Surf Camper 1982 USD $170.00/day
VW 2006 USD $289.00/day
Volkswagen Westfalia Billabong 1985 USD $110.00/day
Volkswagen Westfalia Coppertone 1980 USD $110.00/day
Volkswagen Westfalia Granola 1987 USD $110.00/day
Volkswagen Westfalia Diamond Head 1987 USD $110.00/day
Tiki Van USD $150.00/day
Volkswagen Westfalia 1986 USD $95.00/day
Dodge Sprinter 2500 2003 USD $160.00/day
Honolulu RV Dream 2017 USD $89.00/day
Dodge 3500 Passenger Van 1998 USD $110.00/day
Chevy Custom Built Astro Conversion Van - Hana 2001 USD $140.00/day
GMC Safari Van - Kahului 2000 USD $135.00/day
Chevy Astro Conversion Van - Paia 2003 USD $109.00/day
Chevy Astro Conversion Van - Makawao 2000 USD $109.00/day
Jayco 314bhs 2010 USD $200.00/day
VW Vanagon Westfalia 1989 USD $139.00/day
Volkswagen Vanagon 1988 USD $139.00/day
Fleetwood Pioneer 2009 USD $145.00/day
Fleetwood Pioneer 2009 USD $50.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Hawaii

RV Rental Hawaii

There are many reasons to rent an RV in Hawaii. A visit to this Pacific archipelago presents an array of choices to visit, see, and remember. It is no mystery why Hawaii is called a paradise. 

Volcanic sites such as Kilauea Volcano or the Big Crack on the Big Island give the visitor a sense of the power residing deep in the earth. Roads like the amazing Road to Hana on Maui take the visitor to incredible waterfalls, oceanside bluffs where you see the ocean from horizon to horizon, parks filled with the original botany of the Islands, and small communities that have remained unchanged for centuries.

And then there are the beaches. Everywhere you turn, beaches beckon, some sandy, some rocky, and some with the best surfing anywhere in the world. 

RV Rental Prices Hawaii

Travel trailer rental in Hawaii fluctuates only during the rainy winter months. Winter is a short season in Hawaii, but the rain is intense. Any other fluctuations in the price of RV rentals in Hawaii are the result of demand, especially when the visitor is seeking a more luxurious motorhome rental in Hawaii. 

Two of the islands, Niihau and Kahoolawe, do not offer any RV rentals at all. If you are lucky enough to find yourself on either of these Islands, there is no need to ask, “Where is an RV rental near me?” Continue to shop around until you find the spot where the price is right for you. 

Renting an RV in Hawaii is as simple as anywhere else. You can apply to rent an RV such as a Popup Trailer Rental in Hawaii through a relatively simple online process. Bear in mind that with over 600 hairpin turns on the Islands, the use of a large RV rental is difficult. Unlike in other states, getting around Hawaii may demand the use of smaller RV Rentals. 

Each island has its own characteristics. Take a look at the island before renting. Small travel trailer rentals in Hawaii may be unavailable.

If you are visiting a large island, they offer popup trailer rental in Hawaii. Camper Rentals in Hawaii are the cheapest RV rentals available on smaller islands such as Kauai. For a bit more expense, Campervan Rentals in Hawaii are good for small islands like Molokai. 

While the price of renting an RV in Hawaii is more than in other states, the cost is much less than paying for resort rooms and restaurant food. Instead of waking to the sound of the maid-service trundling carts along the hall outside your room, you wake to the pounding surf, make your breakfast in your outdoor kitchen while smelling the fresh ocean air, and begin your day. 

The cost of renting an RV from a reputable dealership in Hawaii will vary depending on the luxury level in which you wish to live. Unlike other states, selecting the option of taking RV rentals in Hawaii with unlimited miles is often not necessary. 

Cheap RV Rentals In Hawaii

Find cheap RV rentals in Hawaii by selecting to use less luxurious units. Consider your budget when selecting your RV. 

For those with a larger budget, a small Airstream Trailer Rental in Hawaii may be appropriate. Others should consider going online, virtually placing themselves on an island and asking, “where is a camper rental near me?” Sometimes, choosing the budget option also gets you that carefree vacation you always wanted.

Luxury RV Rental Hawaii

Class A or Class B RV rentals in Hawaii come at a higher price. Though these vehicles are not necessarily larger, they are better insulated, more secure, and are designed to sleep more individuals. These units have extra amenities you will not find in the lower grade RV Rentals. 

Those on a group vacation should consider this viable option as the shared cost brings more comfort.

Hawaii RV Rental by Owner

Many RV owners in Hawaii offer great deals on higher priced RVs. Some owners of RVs rent out their vehicles as an added source of income.

Consider the contracts they offer and compare those contracts to dealer agreements. You may find lower prices with the same services.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Hawaii

There are no RV Parks in the Hawaiian Islands. Some campgrounds have sites large enough to accommodate an RV. Each offers a different perspective on RV traveling. 

On the “Big Island” of Hawaii, the Hedonisia Hawaii Tropical Farm Retreat offers more privacy for RV campers than any other site on the Islands. A perk that may fit your situation is that the fee may be waived in exchange for 2.5 hours of volunteer work per day in the retreat. Located in Hilo, the retreat is close enough to Hilo Bay that you can swim with the dolphins. The retreat is also located near the trailheads of Volcano National Park

On the Island of Oahu, Malaekahanna Campground is located on the North Shore near the famous surfing beaches of Pipeline and Sunset. There are no hookups. 

However, there are some amenities you will not find in other RV Campgrounds on the Islands, like firepits, barbecue facilities, hot outdoor showers, picnic tables, and restrooms.

RV Dealers and RVs For Sale in Hawaii

Visitors to Hawaii have the option of enjoying the RV life more permanently. There are RVs for sale on each of the Hawaiian Islands that allow such vehicles. For those who fall in love with the pristine beauty of this state, the purchase of one of these vehicles may be the right choice.

Finding RVs for sale on any of the Islands of Hawaii involves a simple online search. Purchasing an RV on your favorite Hawaiian Island and storing or renting it out when not in use will make your future Hawaiian vacation an inexpensive proposition.

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