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864 RVs are available for rent in 7 cities across Indiana

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Coachman popup 2003 USD $110.00/day
Coachman Apex Nano 185BH 2017 USD $179.00/day
Catalina legacy edition by coachmen 2016 USD $150.00/day
Forest River FR3, 30DS 2016 USD $275.00/day
Forest River Rockwood Mini-Lite 2016 USD $200.00/day
Rockwood Mini Lite 2016 USD $110.00/day
Forest River Vibe 2016 USD $180.00/day
Viking sp230 1994 USD $70.00/day
Coachmen Leprechaun 2015 USD $275.00/day
Heartland Trail Runner 2013 USD $150.00/day
National Dolphin 1999 USD $150.00/day
Gulfstream Ultalite 2013 USD $125.00/day
Gulfstream 8314 2007 USD $199.00/day
Keystone Cougar 337FLS High Country 2015 USD $235.00/day
Coachman Clipper 2006 USD $149.00/day
Forest River Shamrock 183 2015 USD $99.00/day
Forest River Wildwood 2005 USD $219.00/day
Firan Covington 1995 USD $300.00/day
Hideout 2016 USD $200.00/day
Forest River Forester 2014 USD $115.00/day
Fleetwood expedition 34n 2001 USD $225.00/day
Fleetwood Revolution 2005 USD $299.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Indiana

RV Rental Indiana

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to travel with your family or friends around the Hoosier State, consider renting an RV in Indiana. In the heartland of America, Indiana offers many vacation options that meet a wide variety of interests while providing old-fashioned Midwest hospitality in them all.

RV Rental Prices Indiana

Available at such reasonable prices, RV rentals should certainly be considered alongside other popular lodging options. Whether you're in the market to locate a popup trailer rental in Indiana or an Airstream rental in Indiana, it all starts with a simple web search of "RV rental near me." 

As with most lodging options, the price of RV rental will vary with the seasons. During the summer months, typical school breaks, and holidays, RV rental prices will be higher. You can find some great deals if you have the flexibility to rent during the offseason or when overall demand is lower. 

If you are renting something small for one or two people, your overall cost will be lower than if you're looking for a way to house a large family or a big group of friends. The cost will vary depending on the amenities and length of your rental as well. Renting for longer stretches of time can also sometimes lower the price per night.

Cheap RV Rentals in Indiana

If you're looking for an inexpensive rental option, there are plenty of cheap RV rentals available in Indiana. Families and groups of friends can save a significant amount on their vacations by opting for campervan rentals in Indiana and coupling that decision with cooking meals instead of eating out. Pop-up camper rentals in Indiana are also affordable options.

Simply type in "Where can I find a camper rental near me?" in a standard search engine to pull up RV options of different lengths, capacities and availability quickly and easily.

In addition, you can consider an RV rental in Indiana with unlimited miles, which may save you money over the course of a long trip. If possible, arrange for RV rentals during slower seasons, and you may be able to snag some great deals during periods of lower demand.

Luxury RV Rental Indiana

Just because you're traveling in an RV doesn't mean you have to pass up lodging luxuries. Check out Class A RVs, which feature the most comfortable amenities. You'll typically find more room, comfortable beds, showers and well-equipped kitchens.

Both Class A and Class B RV rentals in Indiana may provide exactly what you need.

Travel in luxury to great family spots like Indiana Beach or Holiday World for amusement park and water park adventure. You can turn in after a long but beautiful day of hiking through Brown County and relax in your luxury RV. Enjoy the many museums, shows and restaurants in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Indiana RV Rental by Owner

Many people who own RVs in Indiana are not using them all the time. With today's technology, it is easy to search online sites that serve as matching locations for those who own RVs and those who would like to rent an RV in Indiana. By spending a little time searching, you can find a great deal from a private owner who would be happy to provide a travel trailer rental in Indiana or convert their own RVs into some extra cash.

Take the money you save from expensive hotels and spend it instead on enjoying the Indiana State Fair or the Indy 500 race. Or, keep your overall vacation costs low by enjoying the many beautiful state parks including Turkey Run State Park, Eagle Creek Park and White River State Park where a day can easily be filled with hiking, fishing, swimming and boating.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Indiana

Throughout Indiana, tourists and travelers can find many RV parks and campgrounds to use as a launching point for their Hoosier adventures. Whether you are looking at spending some time in the northern section of the state near Lake Michigan, in the state capital of Indiana or in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Indiana, you'll find some RV parks and campground areas to meet your needs.

After you book your motorhome rental in Indiana, turn to a map of RV parks to plan your trip. Families will enjoy the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, recognized as one of the best children's museums in the country, as well as the Indianapolis Zoo. 

Turn back time by visiting Connor Prairie where you can watch farm animals and old-fashioned trades like blacksmithing and woodworking. The state offers a wide variety of festivals and fairs throughout the year as well, from county fairs to Renaissance re-enactments to fall festivals.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Indiana

If you find that you want to rent an RV for more time, it may be wise to invest in one of your own. Many RV dealers as well as private sellers would be happy to introduce you to a broad product line of RVs for sale. 

Owning an RV gives you the freedom to travel around the state at your leisure as well as around the rest of the country. If you're not always using your RV, you can probably rent it out to others who are looking for an RV for an occasional weekend or week-long excursion.

Whatever RV model you decide to rent, enjoy the many sights, sounds and experiences that the great state of Indiana has to offer.

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