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Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Coachmen Freedom Express 310BHDS 2012 USD $150.00/day
21RB Chevrolet Chassis 2007 USD $195.00/day
Winnebago Adventurer 2005 USD $345.00/day
Gulf Stream streamlite 2010 USD $189.00/day
Keystone Outback Sydney Edition 2006 USD $199.00/day
Big Sky Montana 2014 USD $275.00/day
Airstream Flying Cloud 2014 USD $249.00/day
Keystone Zeppelin II 2006 USD $149.00/day
SHASTA PHOENIX 33CK 2014 USD $180.00/day
Jayco Designer 1996 USD $125.00/day
4 winds majestic 2011 USD $190.00/day
Keystone Passport 217 EXP Travel Trailer 2017 USD $195.00/day
0 Forrest River 2014 USD $1,500.00/day
Keystone Raptor 2017 USD $700.00/day
Freedom elite  26he 2017 USD $275.00/day
monaco diplomat 2003 USD $210.00/day
Jayco Slx 264 2017 USD $125.00/day
Surveyor Sv264 2010 USD $200.00/day
Fleetwood utah 2006 USD $150.00/day
keystone / passport 2008 USD $200.00/day
Jayco 22 fb 2011 USD $220.00/day
Thor Gemini 2016 USD $230.00/day
Signature Ltd 1999 USD $210.00/day
Vision KZ 2016 USD $225.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Kansas

RV Rental Kansas

Kansas is a state that’s ideal for an RV adventure. If you’re considering taking a vacation in Kansas, then your first action should be to perform an online search by typing in “RV rental near me.” 

When you rent an RV in Kansas, you’ll be able to take it to every corner of the state. Journey to the northeast region to view a Pony Express station at Hanover or the newest artistic facility at the Topeka Performing Arts Center.

In the southeast corner of Kansas, you can visit the Dalton Defenders Museum, a memorial to an instance of violence. You can also experience the beautiful and tranquil prairie at Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie. 

Take a jaunt to the northwest corner of the state to visit Fort Hays, a historic site. Here, you will be able to enjoy the traditions and soul of an ancient Native American culture. You can also sense the drive and ambition of an emerging America and the tragic clash between the two cultures. 

Drive your RV to the southwest corner of Kansas to visit the Dalton Gang Hideout in Meade for a bit of history. Then, enjoy a state-of-the-art dinner theater experience at the Depot Theater Company.

RV Rental Prices Kansas

Just like anywhere else, RV rental prices in Kansas fluctuate by season. Strong winters hit Kansas every year, so the prices for a rental will be lower during this time. However, during spring, summer and fall, prices skyrocket due to increasing demand, so if you visit Kansas during the height of the tourist season and shop for RV rentals in cities like Kansas City or Topeka, you will likely encounter high prices.

There are significant differences in the types of RV rentals available. Be specific when searching online for a camper rental in Kansas. You should use a query such as "camper rental near me.” 

On the other hand, if want to secure a campervan rental in Kansas, you should make sure to search for that specific type of RV. Although the names of the different kinds of vehicles that are available may sound similar, there are vast among between them.

The internet makes it quick and convenient to rent an RV in Kansas. Applying online to secure a pop-up trailer rental in Kansas requires a valid ID or driver’s license, security deposit and proof of insurance. If you prefer to reserve an RV rental in Kansas at a dealer, the process will take a business day or less. 

A travel trailer rental in Kansas will enable you to cover many miles of the wide-open spaces this state features. If you have little or no experience with hauling a trailer, a motor home rental in Kansas may be a better fit for you. You should take into consideration your experience and comfort level with driving such a large vehicle before making a decision.

The cost of renting an RV in Kansas varies widely. The price may be as low as $44 a night for a folding tent-type of RV or truck camper. If you secure a luxurious motor home, it could cost as much as $600 a night. 

Since there can be a considerable distance between the points of interest in the state, an RV rental in Kansas with unlimited miles is advisable. The added cost of an unlimited mileage package will vary according to the RV type.

Ask an RV dealer for information on an unlimited mileage package before signing on the dotted line. Although this option will cost you a bit more up front, renting an RV in Kansas will end up being much more affordable than paying for hotel rooms and restaurant meals. 

Cheap RV Rentals in Kansas

Always ask for the cheaper RVs when at a dealership. Try to remain mindful of your budget at all times.

The first rule to a great vacation is to get the most out of your money. Your budget will determine the type of RV you’ll be able to rent. If you can afford an Airstream rental in Kansas, do it.

Luxury RV Rental Kansas

You can also perform an online search to find luxurious RVs in Kansas, which work well for groups traveling together. A group of trusted friends who are willing to chip in for the cost of a luxury RV rental can enable you to experience the best accommodations without obliterating your budget. Class A and Class B RV rentals in Kansas accommodate more individuals with comfortable sleeping quarters for everyone.

Kansas RV Rental by Owner

Many RV owners in Kansas offer great deals on high-priced RVs. You can search the internet to connect with people in Kansas who rent out their vehicles when not using them. You will likely find standardized contracts for RV rentals, so try not to deviate from them as they have proven reliable.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Kansas

Two of the most popular RV parks in Kansas are located near urban centers, allowing visitors to park their RVs and visit the big-city attractions at their leisure. A couple of the best ones are Fleming Park/Blue Springs Campground outside Kansas City and Lake Afton Park near Wichita.

Fleming Park/Blue Springs Campground Park features 82 pull-through sites with big-rig access. There are 30- and 50-amp electrical hookups available as well as water and sewer access. There are also restrooms, showers and a family-friendly playground at this facility.

Lake Afton Park contains 280 sites, most of which have 30-amp electric hookups. There are some spots that boast 30- and 50- amp electric hookups, water and sewer availability, and the pull-through sites offer plenty of room for big rigs. The lake also provides the big plus of a natural swimming pool.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Kansas

Kansas is a big state with vast space. It’s nearly impossible to see everything in one visit. Therefore, many people choose to take their vacations to the “Sunflower State” by RV.

Returning visitors often choose to purchase RVs, use them for a great vacation in Kansas and then store their vehicles in safe places for a monthly fee. When they aren’t using their RVs, these individuals often rent them out. When you own an RV, your vacations will be much more affordable.

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