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693 RVs are available for rent in 3 cities across Louisiana

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Fleet wood tioga ranger 2012 USD $246.00/day
Jayco Eagle 2016 USD $249.00/day
Château sport 2005 USD $300.00/day
Lacrosse Luxury Lite 2012 USD $200.00/day
Maryland 2004 USD $189.00/day
Reflection 2002 USD $150.00/day
Thor Challanger 2015 USD $340.00/day
Keystone Bullet Ultralite 2016 USD $130.00/day
Forrester 2015 USD $295.00/day
Puma 2012 USD $139.00/day
Springdale 2016 USD $140.00/day
Monaco Diplomat 2005 USD $299.00/day
Newmar Kountry Star 2004 USD $319.00/day
Fleetwood flair 2005 USD $249.00/day
Keystone Raptor 2014 USD $199.00/day
Starcraft Travel Star 288 BHS 2010 USD $139.00/day
Fleetwood Expedition 2002 USD $189.00/day
Georgetown 2010 USD $325.00/day
Forest River / Salem 2011 USD $140.00/day
Cougar High Country 2011 USD $289.00/day
Fleetwood Terra 2005 USD $175.00/day
Lexington E450 Ford 2004 USD $249.00/day
Sunseeker 2860 2015 USD $295.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Louisiana

RV Rental Louisiana

If you have never enjoyed the outdoors in Louisiana or met its vibrant people or you're simply looking for a new way to enjoy one of your favorite places, renting an RV is an excellent choice. When you rent an RV in Louisiana, you'll have an array of options from which to choose, including luxury motor homes, travel trailers, camper vans, pop-up trailers, and more. 

With an RV rental in Louisiana, you will be able to linger at the park or the outdoor adventure of your choice without having to rush to catch a tour bus or head off to a hotel. You'll be able to enjoy comfortable amenities while also enjoying the best of nature. Put up your feet and take some time away from your hectic lifestyle on an RV vacation in Louisiana.

You can bring along the foods you like and say goodbye to hotel room service or going to hotel vending machines for a snack. You may ask, "Where can I find a camper rental near me?" There are a number of great choices for you to explore for a motor home rental in Louisiana.

RV Rental Prices Louisiana

When looking for an RV rental in Louisiana for your next trip, rest assured that the prices to rent an RV in Louisiana can fit just about any budget. You could choose a smaller option, like a pop-up trailer or a Class B RV, for a lower budget, or opt for a more luxurious option if price is not an object.

You can enjoy touring and activities throughout the year because Louisiana's climate welcomes travelers throughout all seasons. An Airstream rental in Louisiana can provide an exceptional choice to enjoy the beauty of the state. 

Which RV you select will depend on how many people you want to accommodate, how much storage space you need, what your activities will be, and other considerations. If you're planning to drive a lot in your vehicle, choose an RV rental in Louisiana with unlimited miles to maximize your savings. 

Cheap RV Rentals in Louisiana

You may ask, "how can I save on an RV rental near me?" A Class B RV rental in Louisiana is one economical way to go if you are choosing a motor home. These van-style RVs feature great relaxation inside while having the best gas mileage of all classes of motor homes. 

Another great option to save money is with a pop-up trailer rental in Louisiana. You can attach this portable and lightweight trailer to your own family car and carry your accommodations with you. This kind of travel trailer rental in Louisiana can be an excellent choice for a summer holiday.

A campervan rental in Louisiana is a great choice if you, your family, and your friends like to go camping, fishing, and hiking in some of Louisiana’s great parks. A couple or close-knit family can enjoy the best of camping and the comforts of home with this type of portable RV.

Luxury RV Rental Louisiana

A camper rental in Louisiana can provide you with all the basics for an enjoyable RV vacation. However, when you rent an RV in Louisiana, you can also opt for maximum luxury that provides all the comforts of home or a hotel. 

A Class A motor home rental in Louisiana could be your ticket to contentment. This vehicle has amenities like a shower or bath as well as more storage space than most other recreational vehicles, and you can sleep in a king-size bed or relax on a sleeper sofa. You and your traveling companions will also like the greater privacy it provides.

Louisiana RV Rental by Owner

Another option to find a great RV rental in Louisiana is renting your vehicle from a private owner while they stay at home. These RVs can be a great value and also provide a well-maintained holiday escape. Since the owners of these RVs enjoy their own vacations in their campers, you're likely to find campervans and motor homes with great amenities and reliability. 

RV owners like the ability to defray costs while providing travelers the opportunity to explore Louisiana. A private rental can be an excellent way to find the best RV option for your Louisiana vacation.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana is filled with beautiful vistas of the Gulf of Mexico, bayou culture, and a range of parks suitable for camping, hiking, and exploring. Home to one of the country's largest game preserves, Louisiana is a favorite of outdoorsy travelers. 

Throughout the state, you can enjoy an array of amenities and activities to complement your holiday at RV parks and campgrounds. If you're looking for great fishing, you may enjoy Poche's RV Park & Fish-N-Camp in Breaux Bridge, 15 miles from Lafayette. 

This park doesn't only feature a place to park your RV. It has a clubhouse that can accommodate 75 people as you catch bass, catfish, and bream sac-a-lait in the park's five fishing ponds. Plenty of boat operators in and around this town also offer swamp tours. 

For another kind of adventure, consider the Reunion Lake RV Resort in Ponchatoula, which is 40 miles from New Orleans. The stylish park has a pool for children. For adults, it has a spa, and the adult pool and its surroundings look as if they were ripped from the pages of an upscale magazine. 

You can swim up to the park’s bar. At Reunion Lake, you can enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and beach volleyball when you rent an RV in Louisiana.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Louisiana

After renting an RV, perhaps you’ll decide it's time to buy. For some people, owning a recreational vehicle can be the only way to go on a holiday. There are a number of RV dealers in Louisiana offering new and used options for sale; if you have had limited experience with RVs, a dealer is a good choice to turn to find the right vehicle for your vacations.

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