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443 RVs are available for rent in 9 cities across Massachusetts

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Beaver Monterey 1999 USD $170.00/day
Keystone Zepplin 2006 USD $120.00/day
Fleetwood Discovery 2005 USD $299.00/day
Newmar, Dutch Star 2005 USD $350.00/day
Airstream Interstate 2015 USD $285.00/day
keystone laredo 30ft 2005 USD $155.00/day
KZ Sportmen Show Stopper 2015 USD $120.00/day
Heartland Cyclone 2016 USD $199.00/day
Thor Citation 2000 USD $125.00/day
Heartland North Trail 2012 USD $179.00/day
Livin Lite Quicksilver 8.0 2007 USD $75.00/day
2005 Four Winds 5000 2005 USD $175.00/day
Minnie Winnie 2002 USD $160.00/day
Winnebago 34h 2005 USD $249.00/day
Sportscoach Legend 2009 USD $329.00/day
Starcraft 26' bunkhouse travel trailer 2010 USD $160.00/day
National Tropical cal 1996 USD $169.00/day
Four Winds Hurricane 30f 2004 USD $225.00/day
Mercedes Sprinter Citation 2014 USD $275.00/day
Freedom Elite 23H 2017 USD $100.00/day
Keystone / sprinter 2005 USD $150.00/day
Fleetwood 2011 USD $200.00/day
Monaco Safari Compressor 2008 USD $250.00/day
Surveyor, Forest River 2015 USD $120.00/day
Winnebago Sunstar Itasca 2014 USD $300.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Massachusetts

RV Rental Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a great place to camp during the lovely autumn season since you can see the foliage turn beautiful oranges, reds and yellows. Massachusetts has other fantastic things to see throughout the year, too. 

Internet search engines are flooded with queries like "camper rental near me" and "RV rental near me" because more and more people are realizing the enormous benefits of RV rental. Whether you're seeking a Class A or Class B RV rental in Massachusetts, you'll be able to experience this beautiful state without worrying about fitting your entire family into one hotel room to save money. 

The greatest benefit is that you don't have to stay locked into one location. You can visit the Cape, head to the beach, visit historic locations in Boston or fish in local rivers. When you opt for an RV or a pop-up trailer rental in Massachusetts, the whole state is just a short drive away. 

RV Rental Prices Massachusetts

Once you begin your search for a camper rental, you're going to find that the prices vary depending on a few factors. RV rentals in Massachusetts depend on the season, and during the summer and early autumn, a camper rental in Massachusetts will cost more simply because of increased demand. 

While a summer rental may cost you more than a winter rental, you still won't spend as much as you would on a hotel room. Find a rental that will fit your entire party but that makes sense for your wallet. 

Cheap RV Rentals in Massachusetts

There are a few ways to combat the high cost of a vacation, and one of them is a cheap RV rental. You're saving on the price of a hotel room as well as the price of food. Eating out when you're a tourist can be quite expensive, but with a motor home rental in Massachusetts, you're carrying all you need for food. 

If you can find an RV rental in Massachusetts with unlimited miles, you can reduce the cost of your vacation even further. You'll want to get the perfect size when you rent an RV in Massachusetts so you don't spend more than necessary. You'll be spending most of your time outdoors anyway. 

Luxury RV Rental Massachusetts

When it comes to luxury, an Airstream rental in Massachusetts will give you the splendor you'd expect in an expensive hotel room in the area. This kind of luxury is less expensive and less invasive too. You don't have to worry about hotel employees coming into your space while you're gone. 

No matter what type of RV you ultimately choose, it can be as luxurious as a hotel in the area without the huge price tag. 

Massachusetts RV Rental by Owner

If you're looking to save even more money with your travel trailer rental in Massachusetts, you don't have to stick to a dealership. There are many residents who are willing to rent their accommodations to tourists. 

These are normally people who love traveling by RV, so they want to share that experience with everyone. To rent an RV in Massachusetts, you can search for owners who want to rent out their RV to travelers visiting their wonderful state. 

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Massachusetts

When you have an RV or campervan rental in Massachusetts, you'll find that there are plenty of great places to stop and rest. Here are just a couple to consider: 

Normandy Farms

Some campgrounds and RV parks will have amenities like pools or nearby fishing locations, and others will have elaborate events for their guests. Normandy Farms has incredible activities as well as amenities for everyone. They boast about the fact that they were named a Top 10 Best Urban Campground by USA Today.

This park offers huge BBQs and even Thanksgiving dinner in November. You can participate in Pirate Weekend in August as well as other weekend events. They have bike parks, a dog park and playgrounds for the kids. 

Along with activities for the whole family, the park features a fitness center and recreation facility. It'll be like staying at a hotel but with more activities for the entire family.

Winter Island Park

If you know anything about Salem, Massachusetts, you know that it's an interesting place with tons of history. The area was made infamous for the Salem witch trials in the early days of the U.S., and people visit to learn more about that time. There are tours and museums detailing the city's unique history. 

Those who want to visit for the summer can find public beaches near the campgrounds. There are incredible restaurants and maritime adventures to be had at this location. 

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Massachusetts

Some people who rent RVs will opt to eventually purchase their own. First-time travelers who decide to rent an RV can get hooked on the ease of travel and inexpensive nature of their vacation. Instead of saving it for a once-per-year special trip, they'll purchase an RV and use it every weekend.

In Massachusetts, you can experience the beauty of a state that has incredible seasons. Whether you want to experience the local beaches in the summer, lovely foliage in autumn or skiing on local mountains in the winter, there's something for everyone in New England. You can experience it all with your own RV too.

RV rental or ownership in the state of Massachusetts means that you can experience everything from the seaside villages in Cape Cod to the spooky area of Salem to the skiing in Nashoba Valley in Westford.

Destinations within Massachusetts: