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274 RVs are available for rent in 8 cities across Montana

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Keystone Cougar High Country 321 RES 2012 USD $225.00/day
Winnebago Itasca 2007 USD $259.00/day
Keystone Springdale 2015 USD $175.00/day
Sunchaser 23 HT 1999 USD $149.00/day
Aliner Ranger 2008 USD $150.00/day
Newmar/Dutch Star 2003 USD $350.00/day
Northwood Nash 25C Bunk House 2016 USD $224.00/day
Dutchman/ Aspen Trail 1700DB 2013 USD $128.00/day
Wildwood Heritage Glen 2017 USD $180.00/day
FLEETWOOD Southwind 37c 2005 USD $150.00/day
Itasca 31H 2016 USD $215.00/day
Starcraft/ Star Stream 2010 USD $129.00/day
Holliday Rambler Endeaver 2006 USD $310.00/day
flair Fleetwood 1999 USD $230.00/day
Safari Zanzibar 2001 USD $240.00/day
Lance 1575 2013 USD $200.00/day
THOR A.C.E. 2014 USD $250.00/day
Monaco Dynasty Princess 2003 USD $190.00/day
RoadTrek  ETREK 2016 USD $350.00/day
keystone 370 rds 2017 USD $270.00/day
Keystone Springdale 2015 USD $240.00/day
Airstream Bambi 2008 USD $140.00/day
Terry 26H 2000 USD $180.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Montana

RV Rental Montana

Montana is one of the best states in the country in which to get lost. Simply put, there's no better place to stargaze since Montana skies present some of the best celestial views ever. Many people want to experience some of the wide-open spaces in the state but wonder how to get there.

Fortunately, RVing is a great way to travel to locations like the backbone of the Rockies and all of the parks in the state. Rent an RV in Montana so that you can spend some time enjoying its majesty.

RV Rental Prices Montana

When you search online for the term “RV rental near me,” keep in mind that the vehicle type usually determines how much it will cost. As you might expect, larger RVs will cost more, but they can also accommodate more campers. This means that the per-person price for a motor home rental in Montana may actually be a lot less than hotel accommodations.

Like in just about every other state, prices can fluctuate with the season, which means that you may be able to rent an RV for less money in the colder months. You should always try to secure your reservation in advance of your trip since you can save a bit of cash by renting early. It will likely cost you quite a bit more the longer you wait to secure your vehicle.

In general, a travel trailer rental in Montana can cost as low as $50 per day. Rates can run as high as $150 a day if you are considering getting an Airstream rental in Montana. These types of vehicles will need to be towed to your campground, so make sure that you have the required equipment.

If you have a larger party or you simply want more room, consider a larger RV. A Class B RV rental in Montana or a Class A one can cost you anywhere from $200 to $300 a day, but you'll definitely have room to stretch out.

Cheap RV Rentals in Montana

If you’ve been wondering if you will ever be able to afford a "camper rental near me,” don’t worry. RV rentals in Montana are relatively cheap compared to some other states. For example, you can rent a 2000 Safari Serengeti, which sleeps 10 people, for as low as $195 a day.

Another way to make the overall cost much cheaper is to travel with a large party. For example, it's a good idea to get a campervan rental in Montana because you can usually find one of these starting around $150 or so. Typically, since these sleep about six people, it will only cost around $25 per person a day.

Luxury RV Rental Montana

When you want a more hotel-like experience, there's nothing better than staying in a Class A trailer. These behemoths usually contain amenities like large-screen televisions and beautifully furnished interiors that can usually accommodate more than eight people. In fact, it's not uncommon for these types of trailers to have showers, which means that you won't have to use the ones at a campground.

If you are interested in securing a Class A camper rental in Montana, there are plenty of lots and rental places that can help you find what you want.

Montana RV Rental by Owner

You don't always have to go to a lot when you want to find a pop-up trailer rental in Montana since it's relatively easy to find a private owner who will rent out his or her RV for a very reasonable price. There are some advantages to going this route. For starters, renting from an individual is more personable; you won't need to provide a lot of documentation or fill out tons of paperwork.

Also, when you rent an RV from a private citizen, he or she most likely won't charge you for additional mileage. Therefore, renting in this manner can potentially save you a lot of money because Montana is a vast state, and securing an RV rental in Montana with unlimited miles will enable you to really explore.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Montana

Montana is one of the best states in the country to explore. It features mesas, mountainous regions and myriad valleys. Below are a couple RV-friendly places that are located near some of the nicer locales in the state.

Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park

A portion of Yellowstone National Park is located in Montana, so if you're planning to visit this iconic spot, you can't do better than this campground. You can discover a lot of the local wildlife in this area, including grizzlies, wolves and several species of deer. You'll also be amazed by the vistas around the campground; there are streams and lakes aplenty and more than 50 slots for RVs.

Many Glacier Campground

If you're going to be in the Glacier National Park area, you can't go wrong camping at this RV-friendly campground. You'll be able to camp among some amazing wildlife, such as bighorn sheep and moose. If you rent an RV in Montana that doesn't have a shower, know that there are four shower stalls available for women and three for men at this facility.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Montana

There are a lot of dealers in Montana that sell new and used RVs for very reasonable prices. The full-time RV lifestyle is pretty popular in Montana, so there's definitely a wide range of vehicles available for ownership. These include Class A, Class B, Class C and smaller, towable RV options as well.

Destinations within Montana: