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Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Gulfstream Independence 2004 USD $249.00/day
Hurricane 2004 USD $269.00/day
Cedar Creek 2005 USD $145.00/day
Connect 220RBK Solar/Inverter 2014 USD $140.00/day
Leisure Travel Van/ Free Spirit SS 2013 USD $250.00/day
Forest River Forester 2291SF 2017 USD $230.00/day
winnebago outlook 2008 USD $195.00/day
Keystone Cougar 31 SQB 2014 USD $160.00/day
Keystone Raptor 2016 USD $200.00/day
Keystone Cougar Xlite 28RBS 2012 USD $150.00/day
Wazat II Mini Micro 2008 USD $100.00/day
Forest river  Georgetown LX 2013 USD $290.00/day
HEARTLAND MALLARD 2018 USD $135.00/day
sprinter 266RBW 2014 USD $210.00/day
KEYSTONE OUTBACK 298RE 2013 USD $244.00/day
Trail Sport TS21RBH 2007 USD $75.00/day
Coachmen SportsCoach 380MB 1999 USD $170.00/day
Keystone 2070bh 2017 USD $210.00/day
Fleet wood Fiesta 2009 USD $239.00/day
V-Lilite 30WTR 2011 USD $150.00/day
Jayco Quest 8U 2002 USD $120.00/day
Salem by forest river195bh 2017 USD $210.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in New Hampshire

RV Rental New Hampshire

New Hampshire is located in the heart of New England. It contains quaint villages and vast wilderness. If you're hoping to come here to escape the crowds and get back to nature, you’ll be thrilled to know that it ranks as the ninth least-populous state in the U.S. 

There is plenty to do outdoors throughout the year in the Granite State. It's also a popular destination for winter activities. By performing an online search for the term “RV rental near me,” you're wisely choosing to spend your vacation funds on all the adventures that are awaiting you in New Hampshire rather than pricey hotel accommodations. 

RV Rental Prices New Hampshire

After searching for the phrase “camper rental near me,” you should be able to easily locate RV rentals in New Hampshire that will fit into your vacation budget. The first thing you'll need to do is figure out how big of a vehicle you’ll need for your entire party. Whether you're taking your spouse and children or piling a bunch of friends together for an extreme outdoor adventure, everyone should have a place to sleep comfortably. 

While you wouldn’t be able to squeeze six friends into a two-bed hotel room to save cash, it’s possible to do exactly that when you rent an RV in New Hampshire. With a camper rental in New Hampshire, you’ll be able to put most of your funds toward the fun things to do in the Granite State. 

When checking to see if the price of a popup trailer rental in New Hampshire will fit into your budget, keep in mind that you'll also be saving money on food costs during your trip. Many Class A and Class B RV rentals in New Hampshire contain kitchen facilities for preparing your meals. 

Cheap RV Rentals in New Hampshire

Choosing to rent an RV in New Hampshire will allow you to save money on accommodations, the cost of food, and other travel expenses. Usually, when you take a vacation, you need to rent a car or van to travel to various places -- like museums, historic sites, or theme parks -- in the area. 

You're saving on all of those costs with a camper or Airstream rental in New Hampshire. With a motorhome rental in New Hampshire, everyone can ride in comfort and style. You'll need to balance comfort and costs when selecting a campervan rental in New Hampshire that will fit within your budget. 

When you visit the Granite State during the winter, you're going to see higher prices for hotels accommodations as well as food due to all the skiers visiting the area, as New Hampshire is a popular destination for the sport. Prices for travel trailer rentals in New Hampshire are also elevated in the fall when the foliage changes colors. 

Luxury RV Rental New Hampshire

Those who aren't as constrained by their budgets can certainly rent an RV in New Hampshire that costs a bit more. Luxury Airstreams and motor homes appeal to many individuals who want to travel in comfort and luxurious style. A motor home can offer a sitting area, multiple beds, and the ability to sleep many people. 

Some RV rentals in New Hampshire are classier than high-end hotels with the added bonus of being mobile. You can head to more than one destination in the Granite State when you have a temporary home on wheels. 

New Hampshire RV Rental by Owner

After spending a vacation traveling by RV, you might decide to purchase your own motor home or camper for frequent weekend trips. Before taking the plunge into RV ownership, you should take advantage of those who want to share their RVs with you. 

Many owners will opt to rent out their RVs instead of putting them in storage. They do this for the extra money as well as the ability to share a lifestyle they love with others. Most of the time, you can secure an RV rental in New Hampshire with unlimited miles, which might not be possible when you rent from a dealer. 

RV Parks and Campgrounds in New Hampshire

Danforth Bay Camping and RV Resort

There are over 300 camping sites in this park consisting of 185 acres of forest. Some of those sites are right on the lake, too. This location is central to a variety of amenities and activities. It's close to Ossipee Lake as well as Mount Washington. 

Whether you prefer hiking, fishing, or skiing, you'll be able to satisfy your thirst for adventure in this area of New Hampshire. There are two separate campgrounds; one for families and couples and another for those over 50 years old. 

Sandy Beach RV & Camping Resort

This resort’s convenient location will enable you to take a day trip to the White Mountains or visit local lakes. This facility has its own lake, creek, ocean, and river frontage sites. Here you will be able to experience the diverse nature that New Hampshire features. 

The resort offers plenty of amenities like picnic areas, laundry facilities, a kid’s playground, shuffleboard courts, a clubhouse, and boat docks. There is also a business center if you need to check in at work while on vacation. 

Sandy Beach is open from May 3 through October 13 each year, and there are 182 campsites. They also offer special summer rates for patrons who spend long vacations there. 

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in New Hampshire

After you've rented an RV and decided that you love the lifestyle it provides, you should browse RVs for sale in New Hampshire. You can get incredible deals on secondhand campervans, trailers, or motor homes. If you plan on taking extended trips throughout the year, you can purchase a brand-new RV that will keep you comfortable in any type of weather.

Destinations within New Hampshire: