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83 RVs are available for rent in 15 cities across New Jersey

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Sunrise Escape 27 USD $52.00/day
Pioneer 25' USD $45.00/day
Pioneer 22' USD $42.00/day
Eclipse Camper 30' USD $52.00/day
Elite Traveller 31' USD $114.00/day
Eclipse Camper 27' USD $52.00/day
Wanderer 31' USD $60.00/day
Sunrise Escape 25' USD $52.00/day
US Tourer USD $44.00/day
AP39 USD $344.00/day
AB35 Slideout RV USD $293.99/day
AF34 Family Sleeper RV USD $299.00/day
 CS26' Cabover Style Slideout RV USD $162.00/day
CS30' Cabover Style Slideout RV USD $234.00/day
AS32 Slideout RV USD $179.00/day
C28' Cabover Style RV USD $155.00/day
AC37 Slideout Luxury Class RV USD $339.00/day
CS28' Cabover Style Slideout RV USD $204.00/day
C25' Cabover Style RV USD $144.00/day
FS31' Cabover Style Slideout RV USD $204.00/day
C22' Cabover Style RV USD $134.00/day
CS25' Cabover Style Slideout RV USD $179.00/day
Funmover RV USD $179.00/day
L21 Towable Trailer
T30 Trailer
L18 Towable Trailer
Class A 29'-32' USD $134.95/day
Class C 23-26' USD $64.99/day
Class C 19-22' USD $184.95/day
Class C 27-30' with slide-out USD $84.95/day
Star RV 2015 Perseus 31
Star RV 2015 Cygnus 30
Star RV 2015 Cygnus 27
Star RV 2015 Taurus 22
Star RV 2015 Tucana 25
Star RV 2015 Taurus 25
Forest River Sunseeker C USD $230.00/day
The Escape Ventura USD $118.00/day
The Escape Malibu USD $105.00/day
The Escape Mavericks USD $115.00/day
Forest River Sunseeker B USD $205.00/day
Forest River Sunseeker A USD $185.00/day
Forest River Sunseeker D USD $255.00/day
Forest River Georgetown USD $285.00/day
Forest River Sunseeker USD $170.00/day
Forest River Sunseeker USD $155.00/day
Itascca Spirit USD $155.00/day
Coachmen Freelander 32BH USD $199.00/day
Coachmen Freelander 21QB USD $139.00/day
Four Winds Hurricane 31Q USD $219.00/day
Four Winds Hurricane 34B USD $255.00/day
Coachmen Freelander LTD 28QB USD $179.00/day
Forest River 2250 SC USD $119.00/day
Coachmen Clipper USD $140.00/day
Forest River Grey Wolf USD $140.00/day
Forest River Grey Wolf A USD $150.00/day
Gulf Stream Innsbruck 249BH USD $120.00/day
Innsbruck 23 BWL USD $100.00/day
Keystone Hideout USD $140.00/day
Forest River Cherokee USD $150.00/day
Forest River R Pod USD $130.00/day
Thor Chateau B
Forest River Sunseeker 3170DS
Coachmen Clipper
Thor Hurricane 33G
Thor Chateau A
Thor Chateau
Stardrive Domestic C USD $106.87/day
Stardrive C USD $79.56/day
Stardrive Domestic A USD $77.19/day
Stardrive D USD $130.62/day
Stardrive B USD $78.37/day
Stardrive Domestic B USD $89.06/day
Stardrive A USD $77.19/day
Stardrive Domestic D USD $148.44/day
Stardrive Domestic Run Of Fleet USD $298.12/day
Coachmen 2015 Prism LE USD $295.00/day
Stardrive Run Of Fleet USD $357.75/day
Thor Motor Coach 2015 Axis 24.1

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