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Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Fleetwood Tioga 1983 USD $139.00/day
Amerilite 259 2013 USD $99.00/day
Open Range 2015 USD $200.00/day
Coleman/CM274BHS15 2014 USD $115.00/day
Work and play toy hauler 2014 USD $165.00/day
jayco 375bhfs 2015 USD $260.00/day
Sunseeker 3050s 2014 USD $269.00/day
Prime Time Avenger ATI 26BK 2017 USD $130.00/day
Keystone Springdale 2015 USD $135.00/day
Fleetwood  Tioga 28 F 2007 USD $180.00/day
Wildwood 27 bunkhouse 2006 USD $115.00/day
Sunnova Itasca 2008 USD $280.00/day
Keystone Cougar 2009 USD $100.00/day
Colman Sedona 2003 USD $139.00/day
Redwood 38rl 2014 USD $200.00/day
Keystone Cougar xlite 30bhs 2012 USD $215.00/day
holiday rambler 36ds 2008 USD $239.00/day
newmar dutch star 2004 USD $380.00/day
Jayco 325BH 2016 USD $215.00/day
Keystone Larado 2011 USD $200.00/day
jayco slx 2017 USD $220.00/day
Fusion  Toy hauler 2014 USD $375.00/day
Starcraft AR one 2015 USD $100.00/day
Chaparral Qmb3 2016 USD $179.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in North Dakota

RV Rental North Dakota

Have you ever wanted to travel across the wide-open spaces of North Dakota, visiting all of the state and federal parks along the way? Well, there is no better time to ask, "where is the best RV rental near me?"

There are so many great things to see and do in North Dakota. In fact, you can spend months exploring every corner of the state. When you're ready to start your travels, nothing is better than a camper rental in North Dakota.

RV Rental Prices North Dakota

If you want to rent an RV in North Dakota, you may be asking yourself, "how much is a camper rental near me?" Well, the exact price that you can expect to spend will vary based on the time of year you want to rent the RV and the size of vehicle you need for your trip.

A Class B RV rental in North Dakota is not going to be the same price as a Class A luxury model. Many of the RV rentals in North Dakota will run you about $100 a night. However, that will vary from city to city based on demand in that area.

Depending on where you rent, some dealerships with motor home rentals in North Dakota will even deliver the RV directly to your campsite for an additional cost. This is a great option if you want an RV for a large group of people or want to enjoy your entire vacation at one location.

Cheap RV Rentals in North Dakota

Renting an RV doesn't have to make a dent in your wallet; after all, you're going on vacation, so saving some of your money for activities and excursions should be a priority. If you're looking to travel across the state, ask about RV rentals in North Dakota with unlimited miles. This means that you'll have the freedom to go wherever your family wants to visit without placing limitations on your vacation.

If you're only traveling with a family of four, you may also want to rent a pop-up trailer rental in North Dakota or even a campervan rental in North Dakota. While these options may not have the space that a larger Airstream rental in North Dakota would offer, they can accommodate a small family's needs with ease.

Luxury RV Rental North Dakota

There's no reason you cannot experience a bit of luxury while you're out in the wilderness. A Class A RV will typically have a large amount of sleeping space so that you can bring the entire family on your RV trip.

In fact, a Class A vehicle may even have multiple bathrooms. Lots of RV rentals in North Dakota, whether they are Class A or Class C, have more amenities than what you can get at a hotel. In fact, you'll get these great accommodations for a fraction of the cost.

North Dakota RV Rental by Owner

If you prefer to deal with an individual person over a large dealership for your camper rental, you can rent RVs in North Dakota privately. This will allow you to find deals from owners in the state who do not use their RVs year-round.

It saves them the hassle of storing their vehicles, and you can often rent for a lower price. In many cases, you can also expect that the RV will be in good condition because it is the personal property of the owner.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in North Dakota

Whether you're taking your family to see the world's largest buffalo or the world's largest cow, you'll need a place to park your RV while you're in North Dakota. RV parks and campgrounds are great options, especially if they are located near a state park.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

This is a great place to visit for a history buff. Staying at this state park takes you back in time to 1875. Check out the reconstructed home of General George Custer.

Grahams Island State Park

This is an ideal location for anyone who likes to fish. There are several angling tournaments held here throughout the year, and Devil's Lake is said to be one of the best fishing locations in the Upper Midwest.

Lake Metigoshe State Park

This is a unique area to camp because it has woodlands and wetlands for you to explore. There are a number of hiking trails here that allow you to see some rare species of plants and animals. Lake Metigoshe State Park is also a great location for bird watchers to stay during springtime.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in North Dakota

Travel trailer rentals in North Dakota are not your only option when it comes to RV travel. If you decide that you like traveling and staying in an RV, then you may decide that it is something you want to do every year.

Instead of renting a luxury RV each summer, you may want to find out about RVs that are for sale in North Dakota. After a few summers, you'll see a return on your investment, visit all of the sites in North Dakota and be able to venture further out to other states to start exploring.

If you do decide to purchase an RV in North Dakota, you can even travel south during the winter months to avoid some of the harsh weather that hits during the colder months. Before you make your purchase, though, it's important to consider which class of RV will be best for your future travels. Be sure to do your research.

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