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1,251 RVs are available for rent in 3 cities across Oregon

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Thor  ACE 2015 USD $250.00/day
Forest River Wildcat  29' Bunkhouse 2013 USD $200.00/day
Tioga 2020 USD $100.00/day
Alpine Coach  34 FDDS 2008 USD $240.00/day
Dutchman Voltage 2012 USD $200.00/day
Flagstaff T12RBST 2016 USD $100.00/day
Forest River FR3 2015 USD $250.00/day
Itasca Sunova 2016 USD $250.00/day
Komfort 24S 2000 USD $100.00/day
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 195 RB Baja Edition 2015 USD $99.00/day
Hearland Torque T-31 2016 USD $150.00/day
Alfa see ya 2004 USD $200.00/day
Thor Majestic 2012 USD $159.00/day
National topical 1996 USD $159.00/day
Keystone Hideout 19FLBWE 2015 USD $125.00/day
Keystone Fuzion 373 2008 USD $229.00/day
Toyota Sunrader 1982 USD $149.00/day
Forest River wolf pup Toy Hauler 2017 USD $75.00/day
Skyline Weekender 2007 USD $95.00/day
Jay Flight 2011 USD $100.00/day
Forest River Surveyor 247BHDS 2017 USD $125.00/day
Forest River Wildwood X-Lite 241QBXL 2017 USD $115.00/day
Skyline walkabout 2014 USD $300.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Oregon

RV Rental Oregon

There is no state in the United States quite like Oregon. Visitors to the capital city of Salem find themselves in the center of a lush and fertile valley carpeted by farms founded by pioneers who walked the entire breadth of a continent to get there.

Traveling from Salem to the golden beaches of the Pacific coastline that are located to the west takes about an hour. If you want to snowboard on the slopes of the magnificent Cascade Mountains, it’s an hour drive to the east. Journey another hour east and you will be in lava country.

The rental of an RV in Oregon is a wise use of your travel funds.

RV Rental Prices Oregon

RV rental rates fluctuate slightly in Oregon according to the season, with each one experiencing high-volume weeks.

The demand during the winter season increases due to the elevated snowfall in the mountains, which creates some of the best snowboarding and skiing opportunities in the country. Spring brings rain along with people who want to visit the beautiful flower gardens that can be found across the state while summer entices visitors to the coast to play on the spacious beaches. Fall encourages travelers to come and see the changing colors that are natural to the lush Willamette Valley.

The cost of renting an RV in Oregon will escalate at the first blush of each seasonal event due to increased demand. If you plan to rent an RV in Oregon, you need a valid ID and driver’s license and to pay a deposit. A lot of people choose to secure a motor home rental in Oregon to see sites they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

The cost of renting an RV in Oregon is much less than what you would pay for hotel rooms and food. When you rent an RV in Oregon, whether it’s a camper or Fleetwood extended luxury vehicle, you carry your accommodations and your food with you.

The normal per-day financial layout for renting an RV in Oregon will run anywhere between $35 and $400. Additional costs are incurred for RV rentals in Oregon with unlimited miles.

Cheap RV Rentals in Oregon

No matter where you travel in the state, you will have to spend some money. After searching for the term “camper rental near me” online, you may quickly realize that the cost of renting an RV is considerably less than that of hotel accommodations day in and day out.

There are plenty of affordable pop-up trailer rentals in Oregon. You may find an Airstream rental in Oregon that will best suit you and your family’s needs as well as fit into your budget. Keep in mind that the most affordable camper rentals in Oregon will be of the smaller variety.

Luxury RV Rental Oregon

To find top-of-the-line RV rentals, perform an online search for Class A or Class B RV rentals in Oregon as well as for the term “RV rental near me.” If you want to visit the state’s pristine beaches on its west coast and visit the arid and isolated Steen Mountain Plateau that rises above the High Plain Eastern Oregon Desert in one trip, a luxury RV rental in Oregon may be your best option. Both Class A and Class B RV rentals accommodate many people and come with kitchens and comfortable sleeping quarters for all.

Oregon RV Rental by Owner

There are great deals available for RV rentals in Oregon; the search need not end with RV dealerships. A considerable amount of Oregon citizens own RVs, which they rent out when not in use for their travel. The old saying, “the early bird gets the worm,” applies in this case since these RVs can generally be rented for less money than from a dealer.

Visitors to Oregon often find these deals by searching the ads in community papers.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Oregon

RV campgrounds abound in Oregon. Located almost exactly in the center of the Oregon coastline is a community known as Newport. Here, you will find RV campgrounds near the town, its vast ocean fishing fleet, and the immensity of the Pacific Ocean. 

  • The South Beach Marina and RV Park is located on the south side of scenic Yaquina Bay. The park connects to beaches by paved walking/biking trails from the bay down the full length of the beachhead. The RV park offers 143 RV spaces, public restrooms, and public picnic areas with ocean and beach views. 
  • Harbor Village RV Park sits on the east end of Yaquina Bay and contains 140 RV spaces. It is within easy walking distance of the old-town business district with fishing piers, where fresh catches are available, and a multitude of various unique shops, including chowder houses, saltwater taffy shops, and souvenir houses. 
  • The Beverly Beach Campground and RV Park is located just north of Newport and has 53 full hookup spaces available. The facility sits among windblown firs and opens onto an expansive beach with an unhindered view of the far western horizon, where the sunsets are among the most magnificent in the world.

These RV parks are within easy distance of secluded Ona Beach, a favorite haunt of the locals. With a spacious parking lot and an immense park area complete with campfire sites and a picturesque slow running creek, the beach seldom sees visitors from outside the area. Trails lead to a beautiful cedar bridge and onto a beach where the creek empties into the ocean on the north end and cliffs run into the sea on the south end.

While gems like Ona Beach are available up and down the Oregon coastline, one of the state’s most famous attractions is Crater Lake. While snow restricts access to the site in the summer season, during the months it’s accessible, tourist activity in the area is huge. There are several RV campgrounds up and down the side of the mountain. 

The RV campgrounds on the side of the mountain are ideal for smaller vehicles, so those who plan to make this particular trip should look for campervan rentals in Oregon. Hotels are few and far between in this area, which increases the cost of accommodations and food during the popular seasons. Therefore, wise visitors simply retain travel trailer rentals in Oregon for the trip and save their money for other things.

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Oregon

There are so many sights to see and adventures to experience in Oregon that many people opt to own RVs and store them when not in use. These individuals have decided to forego the costly hotel rooms and the ordeal of finding the right restaurant.

While visiting Oregon year after year, they live and travel in their homes from place to place. They’re able to cook their own meals, travel to many different locations, and enjoy spending time with their families. Check online to find RV dealerships and individuals with RVs for sale in Oregon.

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