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766 RVs are available for rent in 6 cities across Wisconsin

Rental Vehicle Estimated Rate
Winnebago Tour 2006 USD $249.00/day
Tiffin Allegro Bus 2010 USD $259.00/day
Salem Hemisphere 312QBUD 2016 USD $189.00/day
georgetown 2004 USD $259.00/day
Flagstaff 21FBRS 2015 USD $139.00/day
Four Winds Fun Mover Toy Hauler 2006 USD $265.00/day
Monaco 2008 USD $300.00/day
Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon 2012 USD $255.00/day
Coleman Sun Valley 1999 USD $70.00/day
Zeplin z303 2006 USD $135.00/day
Monaco LaPalma 2001 USD $245.00/day
Newmar Dutch Star 38' Diesel Pusher 2004 USD $259.00/day
Cherokee lite 28DD 2005 USD $199.00/day
Crossroads Zinger 280BH 2019 USD $159.00/day
Cherokee M -274DBH 2016 USD $132.00/day
Keystone Laredo 240mk 2013 USD $100.00/day
Crossroads Rezerve 31BH 2016 USD $229.00/day
Couger keystone xlight31SQB 2012 USD $250.00/day
Forrest river 30kqbss 2016 USD $175.00/day
Fleetwood Bounder 2009 USD $1,250.00/day
Winnebago Chieftain 1999 USD $250.00/day
Colman 2019 USD $149.00/day
Jayco Jay Flight 2011 USD $125.00/day
Fleetwood Fiesta LX 34N 2009 USD $239.00/day

Campervan and RV Rentals in Wisconsin

RV Rental Wisconsin

If you are in the market for a motor home rental in Wisconsin, there are many options available. The vast and wide-open spaces of the “Badger State” are perfect for those who want to get up close and personal with nature. RV rentals allow you all sorts of freedoms that you can’t get from other types of travel. 

Whether you have a large family or there will just be two of you exploring the country’s highways, RV travel may be the best option for you. However, you might wonder “where can I find an RV rental near me?” Finding a fantastic RV in which to spend your next vacation is easy. 

RV Rental Prices Wisconsin

Did you know that you can take a fascinating road trip in an RV rental for as little as $100 a day? Plus, the options are endless. You may decide to go with a pop-up camper or even a pop-up trailer rental in Wisconsin.

You should note that prices will fluctuate depending on the location, type of RV you rent, and the availability. During peak seasons, the high demand for camper rentals in Wisconsin may drive the prices up. Simply type the phrase “camper rental near me” into your preferred search engine online to start comparing prices and options.

Be prepared to make a deposit when you secure your rental, and make sure you understand the mileage terms. The total cost of the rental is calculated to the drop-off location. However, it is important that you have a good estimate of the actual miles you intend to drive.

RV and Airstream rentals in Wisconsin have many of the amenities that are in your home. You will find piping-hot water, comfortable beds, and amazing lounge seats. You can even add some extra amenities that are not included in the base RV rental price. 

Cheap RV Rentals in Wisconsin

If you plan on driving a lot or you are not sure how many miles you will use, then you may want to look into RV rentals in Wisconsin with unlimited miles. There are numerous packages that provide quality RV rentals with low rates on miles and fuel.

The key to getting the best rate for an RV rental in the prime season is to make your reservation in advance. The prices are always lower during the offseason rather than the busy travel period in Wisconsin. RV rentals are more plentiful when the weather is cooler, and many companies discount their prices to ensure they keep up with their quotas. 

Would you be willing to drive an RV from one rental location to another? Sometimes, rental companies give deals to people who are willing to transport their vehicles for them. Depending on the demand of the RV rentals in the area, you may be able to score a once-in-a-lifetime discount, but even if you don’t luck into a deal like that, know that campervan rentals in Wisconsin are affordable.

Luxury RV Rentals Wisconsin

Those who have large families and need the extra space may want to book a Class A RV, which offers well-equipped living quarters. Class B RV rentals in Wisconsin also provide plenty of comforts and a stylish ride. Both classes contain showers, nice kitchens, and sleeping quarters. 

Wisconsin RV Rental by Owner

Do you long to cruise around Wisconsin and visit the state's parks? RV rental websites enable you to choose the type of vehicle, size, features, and drop-off and pickup times. Looking for the right RV rental in Wisconsin is a lot easier than you might think, and renting an RV from a private owner may be cheaper than renting one from a dealer.

RV Parks and Campgrounds in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the perfect place to explore in an RV. There are a lot of farmland and desolate areas for those who love the solitude of the country. 

Wisconsin has mild summers with lush, green foliage. However, the winter months can be just as beautiful. Sure, the state gets a lot of snow, but it’s a whole different world; don’t allow a few flurries to stop you from going.

Have you ever tried ice fishing? What about snowmobiling, skiing, or tubing? Rent an RV in Wisconsin to experience real adventure. 

One of the best places to hike is Devil’s Lake in Baraboo. The East Bluff trail makes visitors feel like they are in a Tolkien fantasy. More than a million visitors come here each year to enjoy the lake and mountains. 

The 500-foot Blue Mound is the main attraction at Blue Mound State Park, which is located near the village of Blue Mounds. There are 15 miles of bike tracks to explore. The foliage is thick and full of fragrant flowers in abundance during the spring. 

There is always something to do in Wisconsin for those who like outdoor adventures. When you rent an RV in Wisconsin, you will have your choice of several campsites. Below are some of the most popular ones:

  • Kewaunee Village RV Park
  • Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort
  • Sleepy Hollow Campground
  • Plymouth Rock Camping Resort
  • Tranquil Timbers Camping Resort
  • Arrowhead RV Resort
  • Fremont Jellystone Park

RV Dealers and RVs for Sale in Wisconsin

If you want to buy an RV of your own, there are many dealers that sell these mobile homes for reasonable prices. Owning an RV is popular these days. You can find a luxury travel trailer rental in Wisconsin or a small camper with ease, so explore the top-rated brands being sold in this state.

Destinations within Wisconsin: