Apollo Adventure Camper

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Apollo RV
338 South Road, Croydon Park
Adelaide, SA 5008
+1 (855) 362-4292

The compact Adventure Camper is perfect for those interested in a real outback adventure. Far roomier than similar vehicles, this 4WD campervan is ideal for thrill seeking couples. The extra fuel capacity means you can travel for longer without having to stop and the indoor and outdoor cooking facilities allows you to enjoy a dinner under the stars or in the cosy camper.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Make/Model: Toyota HiLux
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Enigine/Fuel: Gas/Petrol
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 litres/18.492 gallons
  • Fuel Consumption (approx): 12 Litres per 100km
  • Power Steering: Yes
  • Dual Battery: Yes
  • Power Supply: 12/240V
  • Fuel/Engine Size/ Power: Petrol/2.7L/ 111kw

Vehicle Dimensions

  • Overall Length: 4.9m/16 feet
  • Overall Width: 1.70m/5.5 feet
  • Overall Height: 2.70m/8.8 feet
  • Interior Height: 1.95m/6.3 feet

Number of Beds

  • Bedding for: 2 Adults
  • Double Bed: 1.90 x 1.60m/6 feet x 5 feet

Kitchen Kit (per vehicle)

  • Cooking Utensils: Yes
  • Crockery & Cutlery: Yes
  • Tea Towels: Yes


  • Air Conditioning: Driver’s Cabin/Main Cabin
  • Heating: Driver’s Cabin/Main Cabin (Ga
  • Toilet: No
  • TV & DVD Player: No
  • Waste Water Tank: No
  • Shower: No
  • Seatbelts: 2
  • Baby/Booster Seats: No
  • Radio & CD Player: Yes
  • Hot & Cold Water Supply: Cold Only
  • Sink with Handpump: Yes
  • Fridge/Freezer: Yes
  • Gas Stove: 2 Burner
  • Flyscreens: Fitted to some windows
  • Fire Extinguisher: Yes
  • Microwave (240 volt): Yes
  • Gas Bottle: Yes (1x2kg)


*The fees shown are estimated rental rates. Rates may be higher or lower for some pickup locations and times of the year. No guarantee is made on the accuracy of these rates. Please contact providers for exact rates.

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Security deposit Refundable $25*

Feature checklist

Electrical And Plumbing
Cooking top
Dining table
4-Wheel Drive
Tow hitch
Model Adventure Camper

Rental locations

South Australia
Apollo RV (Adelaide, SA)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (Northgate, QLD)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (Tullamarine, Melbourne, VIC)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (Darwin, NT)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (Alice Springs, NT)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (Cambridge, Hobart, TAS)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (Cairns, QLD)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (High Wycombe, WA)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Apollo RV (Taren Point, Sydney, NSW)
+1 (855) 362-4292
Cairns (Broome, WA)
+1 (855) 362-4292