Fleetwood Discovery A

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Reyes RV
65 E. Industrial Court
Villa Rica, GA 30801
+1 (855) 739-3700


  • Delivery and Pickup from your location - 0.45/mile
  • Free vehicle storage at RV office
  • Lake/Beach kit


*The fees shown are estimated rental rates. Rates may be higher or lower for some pickup locations and times of the year. No guarantee is made on the accuracy of these rates. Please contact providers for exact rates.

Rental fee Details Amount
Mileage Details Amount
100 miles/night
Mileage overage Cost per mile $0.45*
Other Required Fees Schedule Amount
Late Fee Per night $50*
Deposit Details Amount
Security deposit Refundable $1,000*

Available upgrades

Upgrade Schedule Amount
Cleaning One-time $350
Housekeeping Kit One-time $250
Supplemental Liability Insurance Nightly $10
Renters Insurance Nightly $35
Smoking Fee One-time $1,000

Feature checklist

Sleeping berths 4
Slides 3
Length 41.0 feet
Electrical And Plumbing
Class class_a
Manufacturer Fleetwood
Model Discovery A

Rental locations

Villa Rica, GA
+1 (855) 739-3700
United States
Reyes RV (Chatsworth, CA)
+1 (855) 739-3700
Sayville, NY
+1 (855) 739-3700