Leisure Travel 2006 Freedom II Freedom II

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Luxury RV Rentals
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Concord, NC 28027
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Luxury RV Rentals in Charlotte NC Concord NC offers our smallest RV rental unit in our fleet, the R-Vision Trail-Lite. This RV is perfect for first time RV renters, couples, small families, or if you are just trying to transport lots of people comfortably. This RV rental has everything you would normally think a RV rental would have besides the obvious things due to its size. Luxury RV Rentals in Charlotte NC Concord NC has this RV for rent because it has everything many of our RV renters need under one roof. Just like the rest f our RV’s for rent in Charlotte NC Concord NC, this RV for rent does have a full entertainment and surround sound system including a brand new flat screen LED TV with a DVD player and antenna to watch whatever you would like on your trip, The RV for rent also has multiple potions for sleeping. This includes the sleeper sofa or the dining room table both turning into beds separately or coming together and turning into a king sized bed. RV renters in Charlotte NC Concord NC also have the luxury of having a full bathroom in this RV rental with a bathroom sink and shower. All of which are separate and private from the rest of the RV rental. Luxury RV Rentals in Charlotte NC Concord NC encourages our RV renters to contact us any time and rent this easy to drive, manageable, and great gas mileage RV to accommodate you in your next RV rental experience.


*The fees shown are estimated rental rates. Rates may be higher or lower for some pickup locations and times of the year. No guarantee is made on the accuracy of these rates. Please contact providers for exact rates.

Rental fee Details Amount
Nightly rental 2 night minimum   $250*
Mileage Details Amount
Deposit Details Amount
Security deposit Refundable $500*

Feature checklist

Electrical And Plumbing
Generator power 5500 kW
Children allowed
Cooking top
Baking oven
Dining table
Dual rear tires
Tow hitch